You can choose Zoulux or Ly’Sax to discover the secrets of Exodus’ civilisation and find his/her beloved.




Coming from the third nursemaid-generation born on Exodus, Zoulux is a young male a bit scatterbrained, but he is not afraid of hard work !

As the majority of the artifically-borned citizens, his role was to ensure the maintenance of the differents systems of Exodus.






Ly’Sax belongs to the rare citizens naturally borned. She’s a female with a well dipped temperament. She does not like authority and she is often stubborn.

She was a part of the team which was scanning the cosmos looking for an habitable planet.







He was at the origin a member of the council ruling their native planet, and in charge of the city Exodus. It was him who organise the exodus and he is the last survivor of the original passengers of the flying city. He is endowed with an impressive longevity, even for his kind.

He is universally considered as a sage and he is the leader of Exodus.