Exodus is a platform / exploration game in 2D, with an oldschool gameplay, inspired by Metroids and other Castlevania.

Here is a small summary of the game contents :

- solo game proposing an opened world (regions cut in Hub, interconnected they enter). The world is vast and various possibilities are offered to discovers it

- the game contains about 600 screens to discover.

- 2 playable characters (Zoulux and Ly’ Sax)

- 15 monsters and 4 Bosses for 4 Extractors

- simple and funny combat system: attack / defense / skills.

- Power Evolution: improve the basic attack, the shooting(firing) of energy, the grapnel and the light!

- Skill Evolution : improve diverse attributes as the height of jump, Doubles jump, Charges, Stamina, etc. …

-Simple dialogue and mini–cutscenes system

-Metroid-like Mini-Map

- FMV for intro and outro !

- 30 Avent Pages to find !

- Sound track and Musics realized by Morusque