Participate to indiegogo’s Exodus campaign

We have just lauched a campaign on indiegogo’s website, in order to obtain the funds we are missing to finalize our project Exodus. If you wish to participate, you can share the link to our campaign to friends of yours which might be interested, and you can also participate┬áfinancially. Several perks are available, with different contents : Digital and physical version of the game and the OST, plus a T-Shirt for the higher perks.

Indiegogo’s Exodus campaign

Physical versions and T-Shirt preview ( not definitive )

If you wish to participate financially, keep in mind that the campaign have been created to support the developpement. The perks including physical content may not be the most competitive ones. On the other hand, the digital version is proposed at 12 $, but the game’s price will increase a little bit when it will be released, to reach about 18$.

Feel free to spread the word !